Old Glade

Old Glade was established in 1972 and is the oldest of the three neighborhoods. Old Glade, which is approximately 830 acres, offers up some very large homes by virtue of the lots being bigger. Old Glade wraps around the Cobb Course and is also borders Glade Creek gorge.


Stonehaven boasts lakefront living by Lake Chatham, a 70-acre man-made lake, and surrounds the majestic Stonehaven Course. Lots average around one third of an acre and homes tend to be in that 1,900 -3,000 SF range. Stonehaven neighborhood was started in 2000.


Woodhaven, which began in 2010, offers up some gorgeous views as it is central to the Glade Creek Gorge. With quite a bit of elevation changes, Woodhaven Golf Course with test your resolve as it meanders through its rolling Woodhaven hills.