Where are we located?

Glade Springs Village is conveniently located at the intersection of Interstates I-77 and I-64 in Daniels, West Virginia, placing it within a half day drive or less of many major cities.

What is the climate like?

Glade Springs Village, at approximately 2,600 feet above sea level, has comfortable summers, pleasant autumns, and moderate winters. Cool breezes washing down from the mountains make summers especially temperate.

Average High and Low Temperatures?

Summer 79.3/57.3
Winter 43.2/23.4

How close are we to major airports?

There are flights from Beckley, but most people who fly to southern WV will use Yeager Airport (CRW) in Charleston, WV. Yeager airport is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes drive from Glade Springs.

How close are we to medical care?

There are 2 major hospitals (Raleigh General and Appalachian Hospitals) within 20 minutes of the gate. There are many primary care clinics close by.

What is the golf season at Glade Springs?

The golf season is usually March through the first of November. However, a few residents have been known to play in December and January.

How do we make tee times?

Call 304-763-2050 for the Cobb and Stonehaven Courses. Call 304-763-3332 for the Woodhaven Course.

Are there special golf rates for guests of owners?

Yes. Call the respective pro shops for more information.

What is the dress code for the golf course?

Golf attire is strictly enforced.

How close are we to skiing?

From the main gate, it is seven miles to Winterplace Ski Resort. The resort has a shuttle for hotel guests that runs from Glade daily.

What are the differences between a Glade Springs Village member and a Glade Springs Golf and Country Club member when it comes to privileges?

Property owners have access with no green fees to the Stonehaven Golf Course and Woodhaven Golf Course as well as the amenities at the Woodhaven Clubhouse. Glade Springs Golf and Country Club members may use all resort amenities, such as outdoor pool, Cobb Course, Leisure, and Fitness Center, etc.

What am I a member of when I purchase a property at Glade Springs?

You will become a member of the Glade Springs Village Property Owners Association, which gives owners no green fees on both Stonehaven and Woodhaven Golf Courses. Membership to Glade Springs Golf & Country Club is optional but strongly recommended

How close are we to whitewater rafting?

Most outlets are within 45 minutes. Call the activities desk at the resort for more information 800-634-5233.

Is there a POA fee, and if so how much?

Yes, the POA fee is $160.90 per month, with a 5% increase yearly.

Do property owners get a special rate at the hotel?

Members of Glade Springs Country Club receive special room rates for guests.

What is open to the public?

All restaurants and Spa Orange services are open to the public, along with the golf courses.

Which resort facilities can be used when staying at the Inn?

If you are a guest of the resort then all facilities can be utilized. Some additional fees may apply.

How is Glade Springs associated with the Greenbrier?

Justice Holdings, who owns the Greenbrier Resort, owns The Resort at Glade Springs. A mere 57 miles away, with an easy drive down I-64 East, Glade Springs Village property owners enjoy special membership opportunities. Call 800-453-4858 for more details.